Photoshoot / Video

Asiana Wedding Magazine is known for stunning fashion & beauty Adverts.

Over the years, we have produced over 10,000 unique images for our Advertisers.

We love creating incredible pictures. It keeps Asiana at the cutting of fashion – and gives our Advertisers a strong brand image.

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Six-month Multi-media Campaign

Your customers are everything. They could be reading a magazine, browsing the web or using social media.

This is a complete package that gives you 6 months of marketing. Includes: Asiana wedding magazine, mobile edition of asiana, asiana website, social media, editorial and digital content.

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Digital Advertising

Advertising only works when you reach the right audience.

With DIY Social Media, you can waste 95% of your budget.

That’s because less than 5% of British Asians are engaged right now.

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Website Design

When you advertise, you may think it’s a good idea to send potential customers to your social media page.

When a customer clicks to your social media page, they see whatever you posted that day.

Before making an appointment, they are likely to get distracted and move on – so you’ve wasted all that money you spent on getting the customer interested in the first place…

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