Photoshoots / Video

Asiana Wedding Magazine is known for stunning fashion & beauty Adverts.

Over the years, we have produced over 10,000 unique images for our Advertisers.

We love creating incredible pictures. It keeps Asiana at the cutting of fashion – and gives our Advertisers a strong brand image.

We also make short promo videos using footage from the photoshoot – these are great for social media content marketing and Youtube campaigns.

Our photoshoots and promo videos are used for advertisements appearing in Asiana Wedding Magazine or other Asiana Platforms.

There are some important rules that apply when we undertake photoshoots – so please take the time to read the information below.

Standard Photoshoots start at £500 plus VAT.

This includes planning, stylists, MUA, photography, in-house model and studio hire. A standard shoot will have a relatively simple concept. Whilst we take the Advertiser’s preferences and ideas into consideration, the entire shoot process and delivery is at the discretion of Asiana.

If you would like to guarantee specific aspects of the shoot, you will need to pay additional Upgrade fees.

(Prices are in additional to the Standard Price)

Agency model: £350 plus VAT
Specific Props: From £250 plus VAT
External Location: From £1000 plus VAT.

All Photoshoots are based on the following criteria:
1. Asiana Media Ltd owns the copyright for all images created and the client may not reproduce them under any circumstances without our written consent.
2. The client may, with our specific consent, use the images on their own website, leaflets, posters and in-store displays.
3. These images may not be used in any other magazines, publications, other websites, directories, brochures, TV ads or any other third party media or formats.
4. Clients may approve the images before we use them for their advertising campaigns, but cannot reject a shoot that the Publisher approves as meeting Asiana’s standards.
5. Where necessary, we will re-shoot any work at our discretion if it fails to meet our own high standards.
6. We shoot multiple campaigns for multiple clients on the same day.
7. One image will be shot per page. Clients can choose to pay additional fees to have more than one image per page.
8. Clients have the choice of paying additional fees to upgrade to location shoots or to hire agency models or use more than one model in their shoot.
9. Clients are not able to attend photo shoots, with the exception of MUAs.
10. All accessories and third party businesses used in the production of the advertisement will be fully credited on the ad.
11. IMPORTANT: When you book your Advertising Pages, you are committed to taking the space in the magazine. Booking a photoshoot does not affect your commitment to take the space. So in the event that the photoshoot we create for you does not meet the criteria requested (for any reason), then you will need to provide alternative artwork or photos for the pages by the Deadline given.
12. All photo shoots are subject to Asiana Media Limited’s Terms and Conditions of Advertising.