Your Customers Are Online

Digital Marketing & Advertising

Our  audience – and your customers – now use technology in every part of their lives. Wedding planning is no exception.

Until recently, customers would simply see your advert and call.

Now, after discovering your brand, the customer will research more on your website before making the appointment.

That’s why every business needs a solid Digital Strategy.

Response = Website

If you want Followers and Fans, use Facebook and Instagram.

If you want Customers, you need a good Website.

When a customer clicks to your social media page, they only see whatever you posted that day.

Before making an appointment, they are likely to get distracted and move on – so you’ve wasted all that money you spent on getting the customer interested in the first place…

When they visit your website, there are no distractions.

You control what they see on the Home Page.

Your website is where everything is organised so the customer can easily find the information they are looking for. And it’s easy for them to get in touch.

If you don’t have a good website, we can build one for you.

Our sites are beautifully built and fully managed by us.

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