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Wedding Magazine + Digital Plans

Mag Single Edition

2 Pages: £1200
Per Single Edition
Extra Pages: £500
Shoot (Optional): £500
 Print Edition
Asiana TV Online
 Asiana TV Direct link to Website
 1 Asiana Facebook Post
 1 Asiana Instagram Post

Mag 1 Year Plan

4 Pages: £1500
Per Mag x 3 Editions
Extra Pages: £350
Shoot (Optional): £500
Everything in Single Edition, plus:
12 Asiana Facebook Posts (monthly)
12 Asiana Instagram Posts (monthly)

Digital 3 Month Plan

£1000 Per month
Reach 10k Real Brides via Asiana Audience Network
Instagram, Facebook, Google + YouTube
Inc. Performance Report

Digital 1 Year Plan

£750 Per month
Only available combined
with Mag 1 Year Plan
Reach 10k Real Brides via Asiana Audience Network
Instagram, Facebook, Google + YouTube
Monthly Performance Report
Extra Front/Back Shots (App)
Asiana Video Shoot (Only available with Asiana Photoshoot) Edited + Promoted on Asiana, inc YouTube

Asiana TV Plans


Look Book

(Insta + FB + Web + YouTube)

ADVERTISING COST: (4 individual Posts): £400
ASIANA PLATFORMS: Insta/ FB/ Web (Min 10k reach via Audience Network)
PRODUCTION COST: £200 for 4 x 30sec Videos (4 Outfits)
Post with cut-out style windows showing main model and detail shots.
Can be with standard model (or Celeb/Influencer +£)
4 Outfits = 4 x 30sec Videos. Logo throughout and end slide.
Each Vid Posted Weekly (or TBC).


Fashion Trends – Online Feature

(Insta + FB + Web)

ADVERTISING COST: (6 individual Posts) £600
ASIANA PLATFORMS: Insta/FB/Web – Min 10k reach via Audience Network)
PRODUCTION COST: £250 = 6 Outfits/Pictures
Highlight fashion trends from a designer brand – Hot Right Now.
Shoot with model/influencer in Studio or Location.
200-word editorial about the trend – and how to get the look from the designer.
Six Mendhi Must-Haves for 2020
Why Are We So Obsessed With Pastels?
The 20s Are Back!
Why Grooms Should Never Wear Bling…


I’m In Fashion! – TV Programme

(Insta + FB + Web + YouTube)

COST: £1000 Production inc Posting on Asiana TV Channels
Insta/ FB/ Web/ YouTube – Min 10k reach via Audience Network)
5 min long programme, with shorter edits depending on platform.
Monthly Boost Option to reach Asiana Audience Network Brides,
from £100p/m so the brand can be promoted throughout the year, but to new audiences.
Asiana Model/Presenter to interview Designer at their store.
Talking about their history, customer service, collections, etc.
Model/Presenter to try on outfits + styling tips given by designer.
Edited with brand catwalk videos, shoots etc.


Instagram Layout Shoot

(Insta + FB + Web)

ADVERTISING COST: (5 individual Posts): £500
ASIANA PLATFORMS: Insta/FB/Web – Min 10k reach via Audience Network)
COST: £250 = 5 Outfits / 15 Pictures
Instagram-ready simple studio shoots – 3 angles per outfit (18 pics total).
Cost-effective high-fashion content for clients.
Shoot with model in Studio or Location.

What’s Right For You?
Asiana is committed to helping you win customers.
So before asking you to sign a Contractwe prefer to learn more about your business and help you create a solid marketing strategy that achieves results.
This might mean adapting the Contract options listed above – or it could mean recommending some changes to your website or other sales processes.
Whether you’re a national brand, local supplier or a start-up company – we’re always happy to help.

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Please note:
Prices quoted above are for advertising services only. Photoshoots and artwork services are charged separately. Prices start from £500 per issue or per shoot.
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IMPORTANT: For every booking, you are committed to the Advertising Space(s). Booking a photoshoot does not affect your commitment to buy the Advertising Space(s). So in the event that a photoshoot is cancelled by either party or does not meet the criteria requested (for any reason), then you will need to provide alternative artwork to fill the Advertising Space by the Deadline given.
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VAT does not apply to Digital Advertising.